Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

The Weekend

Well this weekend should have been a weekend of doing stuff. It is almost 5:00 on Sunday and things have yet to start happening.

* I need to do a lot of washing.
* I need to pack for Eastercon.
* I need to sort out somewhere to stay in London on Wednesday night. (Ended up getting the sleeper train down one day early)
* I need to sort out who I can see while I am in London, should have Wednesday before and most of Tuesday after.
* I need to sort out someone I can crash with on Tuesday 6th if the sleeper train back home is canceled.

I did get a better nights sleep last night (even it the clocks confused me) and I have not been taking painkillers today. Still got the cough. I am off to the doctors tomorrow for some blood tests to see if we can work out why I am catching every bug going.
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