Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson


I spent yesterday transforming my old school bag. My dad gave it to me when I went to Regent House School back in 1982. I
used it all the way through to 1989, the sholder strap managed to strech at about the same rate I did. Since then I
had just been stuck in a cupboard, with one brief excursion at Haloween last year as part of a Ford Prefect

It was still realy solid and I cut the stiching and drilled out the rivits to produce flat pieces I could work
from. I now have a pair of vambraces and the pieces cut out for a sort of leather helmet. I have no idea what it
will look like when it is finished, but as it for LARP this should not be too much of a problem.

At lunch today I drove off north west to the only leather places in the yellow pages anywhere nearby. The guy there
sold me a piece of leather for £30 (should have been £40 - £45) as this was what I said my budget was. He said he
will not be selling any more at that price! It will do to make chest/back armour of some kind, but it is not realy
what I wanted (black not brown, a resurfased split rather than propper hide). But I think it has been a good price
and it was very short notice so I had a choice of what he had spare, he makes hunting/fishing stuff rather than
sell leather.

Ho hum, back to work.
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