Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Stones, Skye, and Wedding

Well, I am back at work today. My sides are tender and I get the odd spasm heading down to my groin but I am not on the strong painkillers any more.

I passed one of the stones, 4-6mm, on Wednesday - not too bad and the relief at seeing the thing come out was great. It meant they would not have to go in and fish it out! The other four that showed up on the CT scan were all small 1-2mm. There was two on my left behind the large one and two more in the right kidney.

I am still on the pills to dilate the pipework with the annoying side effects but I am getting more used to them. I go in for another CT scan on the 12th to see which are left and where they have moved to.

I got driven to Skye for Jamie and Emma's Wedding by Toby and Kate. It was great of them to put up with me sitting in the back of the car being miserable and needing to go to the loo. The wedding was great and I am glad I made it. I was shattered by the time we were driving back on Sunday.
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