Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Sleep, Pills and Soup

Well I got a good nights sleep back in my own bed last night. I think it was more not being too hot rather than any problem with the hospital bed.

No stones have appeared a yet - bought two Tesco value tea strainers yesterday only 39p each - one now in each bathroom.

The tablets I am on are Tamsulosin a selective alpha blocker. I had heard of beta blockers so I guess it is makes sense there are alpha blockers! It is selective to the renal system and relaxes the smooth mussels in the prostate, bladder and ureters. This has the affect of making it easier for the stone to move.

As a side affect it is causing nasal congestion (1 in 10 chance), either that or I have caught the cold.

I made some Pea and Chestnut Soup for lunch. Worked rather well. Been drinking a lot of decaf coffee as I have got tired of cold drinks. Might have a Horlicks next.

Oh Space 1999 is just starting on ITV4+1!

[Oh dear, BBC news 24 on in background - split screen with live feed two top news stories - a space walk and the Norwich by-election - News presenter, "The one on the right is Norwich."]
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