Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Award of Arms

Just back from the picture framers. I collected the framed scroll that I was given at Warbands. I think it has
turned out rather well.


The award was presented to me by Gerhart and Aurelia at Warbands 2002.
The illumated scroll was presented to me by Matthew at Warbands 2003.
The scroll was designed and illumation was by Caitlin.
The first coin was was my site token.
The second coin is solid silver and was given to me by Gerhart and Aurelia as a thank you for preparing the feast.
The third coin is solid copper and was given to me by Richard for helping at the event.
The fourth coin was Melusine's site token that she gave to me so I could display both sides of the coin.

Thank you to everyone.

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