Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Cars - update

Looked at cancelling my insurance. If I get a new car inside a month it makes sense to keep it running due to the cancelation charge.

Got the form from the post office to declare the car off road and refund my road tax.

Called at the garage to empty the car and there was a lot in it! It is now on my dining table.

Went to the VW garage.

Looks like the Polo is out. I fit in it with room to spare, price could be ok. I just cannot get the one I want in less than 8-10 weeks!

Discovered the Peugeot garage in St Andrews has closed. About 18 months ago according to the chap at the VW. I had never noticed!

I bought a copy of What Car, What Bike and Landrover Monthly.
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