Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

High Street Spend and General Breakdown

I have been using an application called Cha-Ching ( to track my spending over the last year and a half.

I had a look at the spending for the year just gone Jan to Dec 2008.

First I looked at what I had spent "on the high street" to see which big names got my £.

This was the list of all the big names I had spent something in:

Morrisons 46%
Tesco 28%
Amazon 8%
Aldi 5%
Sainsburys 3%
Asda 2%
B&Q 2%
Lidl 1%
Comet 1%
Little Chef 1%
Co-op 1%
Dobbies 1%
Halfords 1%
Moto Services 1%
Homebase >0%
Ikea >0%
The Body Shop >0%
Woolworths >0% (less than £10 and in the closing down sale)

I also did a split on type of all my spending:

house (utilities, tax, repairs) 22%
mortgage interest 18%
groceries 14%
mortgage repayment 12%
motorcar 11% (6% on petrol)
meals (eaten out) 4%
travel (not for work) 4%
unknown cash 3%
shopping(non-food) 3%
gifts 3%
life insurance & medical 3%
hobbies & con memberships 1%
memberships 1%
bank charges >0% (One cock-up that cost me about £120)

So that is where all the money went.

The high street spend accounted for about 20% of the whole.

Largest single payment was a car repair bill.
Smallest accounted payment £0.55 for a pint of milk.

Not sure if this means it was a good or bad year.
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