Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Special diets, special dishes

Stuart turned up and announced he was on the Atkins diet. This lead to a discussion of what he could and could not
eat on the menu. Very odd diet. Out of the discussion came the fact that butter and eggs were fine. This reminded
me of a dish I had served at a Cursus Apri feast. It was called some like 'eggs cooked in the best faishon' so I
thought I would make this for one of the sublities. Helen cut small crowns out of slices of white bread. I fried
these in butter and then placed disks of sliced hard boiled egg, also heated in butter. on top of the crowns. Very
greasy but nice, and you did not want to much. I sent this dish to high table.

The other 90 people also got fed too.
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