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Promo give aways

Ok people, need some input.

We are going to have a booth at an expo and want to have some give-aways on our stand.

What makes a good freebie?
What should be avoided?
Do we go for large number of cheep items? - (first come first served)
Small number of better items? - (prize draw approach)

I am looking for lots of suggestions at lots of price points.

Oh event is on 1st to 5th of December so Xmas tat is also possible!


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Oct. 12th, 2007 11:04 am (UTC)
Lots of cheap stuff is good, particularly food (though it means either something like mints or boiled sweets or having to ditch anything you don't get rid of (like muffins and brownies and cookies).

Small soft drink cans are good, but some venues will ban them due to food/drink concession contracts, and they weigh a ton.

Pens are always popular, and having a batch of higher quality pens to give to those who stop to talk (and cheap ones for everyone else) seems to work well.

USB memory sticks are also good giveaways, particularly if you can put some sort of presentation about your product/service/company on them.

Mouse mats are rubbish (in my opinion!) as they are usually too slippery, poor quality and people already have enough ...

... one of the stalls did little bottle openers last year and they were popular (among beer drinkers anyway!)

But better quality stuff in a raffle/tombola is good, as it having some sort of "every hour" or "at 4pm" a grand prize from all those who've left a card/filled in a form (whatever you need to get back to them later)

Little USB nicknacks are good (fan, hub, lava lamp, xmas tree etc.) as are mini-toolkits as screwdrivers and such are always useful (particularly in a tech environment)

Personally I like baseball caps and t-shirts but others may differ ... and again if you're doing a prize draw then polo shirts, rugbyshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are good.

Watches, mugs, little robots etc. :-)
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