Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

How not to sell an item on ebay

I bought a flash gun for a camera on ebay. Here is how the finance went:

I was the only bidder.
I paid £0.01 for the flash.
I paid £2.50 postage.

I have paid £2.51 total for the flash.

Seller paid listing fee £0.15
Seller paid final value fee (5.25% of £0.01 lets assume they round up!) £0.01
Seller paid postage £2.53
Seller paid PayPal fee (3.4% + £0.20) £0.29

Total loss £0.37

But it gets better - it was a charity auction. 100% of the sale fee was going the Terrence Higgins Trust.

This make total loss £0.38

But it gets better - under the charity auction rules you cannot end up giving less than £2.00 to the charity.

Final loss £2.37

So I have bought and paid for an item, money has gone to charity and I fee guilty for ripping off the person I bought it from...
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