Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

The holiday in the US

Mum had asked me how much my holiday had cost and I was not sure so I downloaded my accounts and had a look at the figures in Excel. Here is the breakdown. Food was very good value. Clothes were excellent value and I came back with two suitcases having gone out with one. Travel was a 60/40 split between flight and car hire. The flight was so low because it was an extension to a ticket to Madison that work was paying for. In fact adding the LA leg to the Madison flight lowered the cost of the ticket by £60 so work saved about £240. The gifts category includes gifts for me like the Airport Express and TomTom FM bracket I bought. Cash was the $200 I bought before going and I still have a bit left. It was used for small purchases, taxis, tips, etc., and, I think, one $35 meal. The cash also covered the six day work portion of the trip. I had no accommodation costs as that was paid by work in Madison and I was staying with dianec42 and stuartc in LA.

Food £125
Clothes £333
Travel £276
Gifts £303
Cash £105

So a total of £1142, not too bad and less than the cost of getting getting the car fixed of £1209 (+ car hire of £174)

So the holiday was great fun and did not break the bank - unfortunately coming the the same month as the car repairs, the new bed, and combined with other payments means I have a £4000 credit card bill this month. Ho hum. That is what current account mortgages are for I guess. Think the next few months will have to be quite lean.

I will have to get some more photos of the trip online at some point.
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