Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Status update

My car : in garage getting new cylinder head gasket
Toby & Kate's car : in garage getting new ignition lock
Washing machine : fixed this morning (new motor brushes) but engineer tested socket it was plugged into and said my earth is bad (should be less than 1 Ohm or 200 mOhms if RCD fitted and mine is 34 Ohms) so in need to get house/shed wiring looked at by electrician.
Bed : assembled and worked fine last night. Seams solid and the drawers do hold a lot, but I have even more so I have started a cull of my clothes.
Teeth : lost a filling on the plane to the US. Have an appointment Thursday of this week but not a way to get there at the moment. Will need to cancel Tuesday afternoon if I cannot make it or I may be charged.
Work : well I have arrived to start the week and it is only lunchtime on Monday. Have a task list to implement this week so hopefully it will go ok.
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