Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Turning into an odd day

I went to the bed last night and just could not get to sleep - it was after 4 by the time I dropped off so that made a bit of a mess of today. I got woken by Toby ringing about 9 to ask what was up as it was raining and if I did not need the car then Kate could use it to take Beth to toddler group. I had folded all the cardboard boxes from the bed up to take them to the tip this morning but they all got soaked overnight. I phoned the garage and told them I would be at home so they could collect the car anytime. I phoned the washing machine people to let them know it is broken again and they are coming on Monday morning. I started work about 9.15 ish and have had a good morning so far. We have a conference call about 12.45 I have to prepare for and things are going ok. I have a medical at the doctors at 3:30 this afternoon - I am looking at re-arranging my mortgage life insurance as the new job's life insurance pays out in an odd way, tax efficient but odd. Just had a boiled egg in a cup for brunch - proper childhood food.
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