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Travel to USA

Well, everything is now finalised (almost) for my work trip next week. It has been in the offing for ages but everything was only confirmed on Thursday. I was stressing a bit as I like my travel plans to be in place well in advance.

Brief itinerary:

Wed 2-May-07 Continental
Edinburgh (EDI)
Depart 09:20
to Newark (EWR)
to Madison (MSN)
Arrive 15:14

I am staying at The Friedrick Center, University of Wisconsin
I have a meeting with the North American developers on the OME project and it being hosted by Curtis and his colleagues from the Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation (LOCI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We are meeting the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Curtis was one of the people I was with in Paris at the European side of the OME meeting.

I was originally due to fly home on the Sunday but after going all that way (my first trip to the USA) it seamed silly to go straight home so I arranged to visit dianec42 and stuartc in LA the next week.

Sun 6-May-07 American Airways
Madison (MSN)
Depart 10:45
to St. Louis (STL) - well be in the same town as Richard for a whole 45 minutes!
to Los Angeles (LAX)
Arrive 14:50

As I could not commit to the trip until late last week plans for the LA visit are vague but I will probably hire a car Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, then have a day out with Stuart on Thursday, and Diane on Friday. Hertz want $1,600 a day for a Hummer so I may go with something smaller to bring the price down.

I gather it is hot. One day last week I looked at the weather. The high in St Andrews was 14 C, the current temperature in Madison was 14 C (mid morning) and the night time low in LA was 14 C. I think I am going to melt.

Mon 14-May-07 Continental
Los Angeles (LAX)
Depart 12:40
to Newark (EWR)
to Edinburgh (EDI)
Arrive 10:00 +1 day

I arrive back home on the Tuesday morning. Thought I am not sure what time I will think it is by then.

I have only travelled across time zones once (not counting Europe which is only 1 hour) and that was a school trip to Moscow and Leningrad when I was about 14. I cannot remember much about the time but the sleeper train between Moscow and Leningrad was an experience and the meal on the flight back from Leningrad to Dublin on Aeroflot was the best Russian meal I had - a dish of chicken cooked with barley.

So people any suggestion of what I should
- do
- see
- pack
- look out for in the shops
- bring back
- not forget
- arrange
- not bring
- not do


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Apr. 30th, 2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
You will find some things much cheaper in the US. A for instance is printer cartridges. I have an HP printer, and as you know their cartridges are scarily pricey here, yet a third of the cost in the US at Target.

Most computer/tech/electrical stuff is cheaper, and not a problem bringing back.

Clothes are also cheaper, including shoes. Their winter stuff will all be on sale, which will be of use here in early summer!!!

There are some fascinating foreign food marts, Mexican, Asian, whatever your heart desires, and a few bits and pieces may be a nice addition to your kitchen.

As to what to pack. It is warm, but can get 'chilly' at night if out and about. No wool necessary. Cotton and linen. Hat and sunglasses if you like... Nothing too British, if you know what I mean. Just normal cotton t-shirts and trousers. Comfortable shoes. Of course boring paperwork like your mate said. Alarm clock. Your mobile likely won't work unless you have tri-band. You will want to remember to switch it off before you go, and not have to worry about it running out of charge before you return. So copy relevant phone numbers onto paper...!

As to what to do/see in southern CA, likely Stuart and Diane will be good and show you around their favourite places. I'd recommend some of the picturesque places like Santa Barbara, Yosemite, and San Diego, but you may not like those as I do. Stuart knows you well enough to advise appropriately, methinks...

As to what not to do... steer clear of horribly toursity and expensive places in Hollywood, LA, Beverly Hills.

Don't worry about the jet lag to America. Like your mate said, it is when you get back home you will be a zombie.

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