Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

General Update

Paris was good work wise and it was fun doing the tourist thing afterwards with Curtis, Brian, Melissa and Ann. When I get a chance I will get some photos online. I am about 15 months late with the Iceland ones now so expect the Paris ones any decade.

Eastercon in Chester was good and it was great to see Nik again. Did not spend too much money and the travel went quite well.

Fell ill on Tuesday with a stomach bug that shut down my stomach for about 36 hours - anything going in was coming back out again. The real pain in that was this included tablets. Yesterday I was ok with liquids and some tablets so I have upped the stakes today and just tried a slice of toast.

On the good side this is the first time I have weighted less than 20 stone in some time - but I somehow suspect I will put the 3/4 stone back on again.
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