Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Better safe than sorry

I have been having a look at thermometers on on the CPC web site. I figure that
if I am going to roast 18 stuffed chickens then one might be a good investment. I have the choice of four (that I
can afford anyway)

IN0163666 In stock
Hanna instruments hi-145 food thermometer EACH £32.34

OE0004366 In stock
Digital temperature probe EACH £14.67

IN0188466 In stock
Testo food core thermometer 106-T1 Core thermometer EACH £24.00

IN0178366 Nil stock, 1 to follow
Pen type digital thermometer EACH £14.02

all prices ex VAT and £4 carrage

The top two are an odd shape. They are lolly pop shapes so the large head would not fit well in my knife roll. The
third is not much differnt to the 4th for a lot more money. I would go for the cheep pen style one, but of course
it is out of stock.
I need to find somewhere that has them so I can look and touch to work out are they the right size, easy to use,
sturdy enough, an so fourth. The temprature probe fork I have at the moment was not to dear, about £13, but it also
very combersom and only reads out as rare/medium/welldone rather than having a proper temprature.

Ho hum.
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